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Like the human value,the enterprise value largely depends on what the enterprise is pursuing rather than what the enterprise has accomplished. Gangtong people's continuous pursuit for better future brings Gangtong to the moment.Along the way we have been, the pursuit becomes increasingly stronger and clearer and generally embody in the Gangtong peoples' idea and action. 


What's the enterprises' future should be like? What's Gangtong group's future should be like? Maybe now we cannot accurately describe it. But on the basis of our limited expectations, firstly, it should be an enterprise that could create wealth and value for nation and society including our customers, cooperators and shareholders. And the value creation is not confined to pure economic value. Secondly, it should not only be an enterprise born with Chinese characteristics, but should be an international enterprise which has mature management system inwardly and rational market space and ideal living environment outwardly. And our culture and way of thinking will not be dominated by sensibility and experience only. Further more, we will be more intellectual, rational, scientific and open. Gangtong is not only a value creation centre of economic and technology, but is an active, cutting-adge learning base and an innovation platform for new ideas and culture.


Whatever happens, an enterprise who pursuits better future cannot be self-complacent and standstill, but continually create, learn, self-challenge, self-deny and self-surpass. It is  difficult and painful for a person or an enterprise to surpass itself, which is like the challenges that achrysalis faces when it struggles to transform into a butterfly. If one couldn’t surpass himself, there will be no new world, new beauty, new creation and new value.Instead, without tomorrow, only the decay and death left. Gangong’s growth like the constant metamorphosis and transcendence of the chrysalis went through difficulty and suffering but with no regret. Because we have chosen tomorrow and we’ll create enterprise’s better future.


Yes,we made history and we will create future. We cannot refuse the call of the ideal. Gangtong has developed many years, but we still move on firmly, passionately and bravely, because we will lead the new generation to move foward the new future.