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Gangtong Has Successfully Passed the Annual Surveillance and Audit of ‘Three System’
Source:  Date:2014-06-12 15:23:42

From June 5th, 2014 to 7th, Sichuan Three Gorges Registrar Co., Ltd. has surveilled and audited our company’s Quality Management System, Environment Management System and Occupation Health Safety Management system. The audit conclusion was that we successfully passed the surveillance and audit and could we could continue to hold the registration eligible for the ‘three system’. The main leaders and of our company and the heads of the accept inspection department took part in the opening meeting and close meeting.


At the opening meeting, Zhang Yufan, the audit team leader introduced the audit plan, audit purposes, audit criteria, audit scope, audit methods and so on. Chen Xinggen, the company’s manager representative gave the welcoming speech and clearly pointed out our company’s purpose of implementing standard and significance of audit. At the same time, he required related departments to actively cooperate with the examiners.


The experts were divided into three groups, and they respectively audited the documents and records, control objectives and the completion of indicators, products realization and operational control of our audit department through enquiry and conversation, looking up the documents and checking out the situation. After the audit, the audit team and companys leaders fully discussed and communicated the problems which was found in the evaluation process.


At the close meeting, the audit team leader, Zhang Yufan made a conclusion of this audit, and found three nonconformance reports of quality, environment and occupation health safety management system. And all these reports must be completely corrected in one month, and gave 16 observation records. The leaders of our company appreciated the hard work of the experts, and pointed out except the three nonconformance reports, our company still have some problems in our operation system. We should make a generalization and summary of our system, analyze and correct the problems, and draw inferences about other cases from this instance. Only in this way could we improve our quality of operation system.

(Office 2014.6.8)

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