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Warm congratulations on the official launch of the "Gangtong E-learning" business school learning platform
Source:  Date:2019-08-07 09:44:34

Warm congratulations on the official launch of the "Gangtong E-learning" business school learning platform


In order to promote Gangtong Group (hereinafter referred to as the "company") training management system, improve the comprehensive quality of employees and the ability to work, , the company cooperated with Shanghai Times Guanghua Education Development Co., LTD., to establish the "Gangtong E-learning" business school learning platform, which was officially started at 9:00 a.m. of  August 1st,2019 in the group headquarter.


In the starting meeting, vice-general manager Mr. Chen Xinggen, on behalf of the company received the “Gangtong E-learning" plaque given by Mr.Du Qiao of Shanghai Times Guanghua.



Then, HR manager Ms. Li Lanying, issued the " Training Management Measures of Gangtong E- learning", and expressed several requirements for the study of "Gangtong E-learning" business school. She hoped that all employees could take advantage of online learning resources to comprehensively improve their management and business skills.



Subsequently, Mr. Du Qiao shared “from learning to performance---build the Gangtong Group digital learning platform ".He talked about the important function of "Gangtong E-learning" learning platform, and guided the participants to do the operation by mobile phone. In order to make everyone more quickly understand and learn the use of the training platform, knowledge fun competition activity was carried out.



In the afternoon, administrators of each department received the platform management training.



The harmonious and healthy development of the company cannot be separated from the hard work of the staff. It is necessary for the company to cultivate and shape the staff. To realize the sustainable development of human resources is inevitable requirement of the company sustainable development.We strive to improve the quality of our cadres and staff, improve the management level comprehensively, create a new situation in the human resources work of the company, and promote the more vigorous development of Gangtong group.

                                                                                                  HR Department


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