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First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical Surgery Center
Source:  Date:2014-07-22 14:30:11

First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical Surgery Center 

Hospital Introduction 

First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University in Anhui Province is the largest, health care, teaching, research, prevention, rehabilitation, first aid for an integrated teaching hospital. The Ministry of Health in 1993 to become the first three-level hospitals. 

The hospital currently covers an area of 225 acres, with a total construction area of 370,000 square meters, 2,700 open beds, 39 clinical departments set, 19 medical departments, clinical teaching and research 26. More than 1.8 million outpatients, inpatients 80,000 people, nearly 30,000 units in operation times, years of teaching about 17,000 hours of work, annual reception intern training doctors more than 1,000 people. New hospital surgical ward in 2008 and the emergency door building in 2010 and put into use, clean operating department located here floor. 

General surgery centers and research data 

(1) Description and characteristics Surgery Center 

First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University, a total of two surgical centers, slightly rectangular layout, using the fence layout, compact, clean sewage flow lines separate area clear, construction area of 6212.34 square meters, of which the operation area of about 4,884.7 square meters, including 27 operating rooms, preoperative preparation area, postoperative recovery area, changing his shoes through the district health office duty living area, family waiting area; grade Ⅰ operating room 7 (4 lead guard), grade ⅱ operating room 7 inter, Ⅲ grade operating room 11 (5 endoscopic operating rooms), Ⅲ grade infection theater 2. Has a large recovery room, surgical area and other auxiliary warehouse area of about 976.8 square meters of space, is relatively small, and the transportation area is larger, about 2079.3 square meters. 

Elevator settings include patient lifts, medical special ladders, elevators and clean dirt special items, each of relatively separate flow lines, do not set a separate operating room dedicated elevators. 

In actual research, we introduced the use of party is actually used in the operating room characteristics and problems: 

1, the height of the larger impact on the operating room, because there is no pre-design storey leave enough, late reformation difficult 

2, the patient and physician access channel separate from the operating room two floors, stairs and down by the doctor, a slight inconvenience. 

3, while the increase in the operating room, did not take into account the increase in ancillary rooms, making fewer supporting existing room.

Figure 1 First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical Surgery Center layout (final arrangement) 

And we can see by comparing the final layout of the original design with the two following major differences: a surgery arranged between the number and size; the size and layout of two auxiliary rooms; 3 waiting area usage and so on. Visible, hospital clean operating room design is a complex process, in the design process to the final construction, bound by communicating with consumers, according to the actual needs of the situation, the functional layout adjustments and modifications, this process is crucial, such functions can not be avoided due to meet the requirements and carry out major renovation to use in the future.

Figure 2 First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University Surgery Center layout (original design)

  (2) survey data (Table 1, Table 2)

  Table 1 surgery center of each functional area (unit:㎡)

The total number of inter-operation

The total construction area

Operating room area

Surgery Room Size

subsidiary rooms

Traffic area

Health care buildings

First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University








  Table 2 theater size (unit: M)

King theater

Big theater

Middle theater

Small theater

Operating room size





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