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Qingchuan County People's Hospital Surgery Center
Source:  Date:2014-07-22 13:39:58

Qingchuan County People's Hospital Surgery Center 

Hospital Introduction 

Qingchuan County People's Hospital was founded in April 1956, is a non-profit national secondary B General Hospital, located in the city of Qingchuan Joe Town, covers an area of 16,082 square meters, total construction area of 16,077 square meters, set up beds 200. The hospital has inner child, outside, maternity, facial features, skin, oral pathology, traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture and physical therapy and other clinical departments. 

General surgery centers and research data 

(1) Description and characteristics Surgery Center 

Outpatient and inpatient hospital complex building built in 2010, surgery centers set up on the sixth floor of the operating room setting five, one thousand one operating room, operating room two ten thousand, one hundred thousand two operating theaters, medical Huanxie dressing area, office area, preoperative preparation and postoperative recovery area. 

Surgery Center layout is more compact, relatively separated from each functional area, medical and surgical workspace area closely, but there are some moving lines cross and interference. In addition, transport larger, slightly wasted.

Figure 1 People's Hospital operating room layout Qingchuan

2) survey data (Table 1)

Table 1 surgery center of each functional area (unit:㎡)

The total number of inter-operation

overall floorage

Operating room area

Surgery Room Size

subsidiary rooms

Traffic area

Health care buildings

Qingchuan County People's Hospital








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